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Welcome !

Poulett Masonic Lodge members meet at the Lodge Rooms at 42 Hogg Street, Wynyard, Tasmania on the first Thursday of each calendar month. Meetings start at 7:30 PM. Visiting Masons are always most welcome to attend. To find your way to our lodge please see our Location link

In 1887 the Lodge recommended the establishment of a new Lodge at Wynyard named 'Poulett' after the first Grand Master Most Wor. Bro. Poulett-Harris and in July 1890 the Lodge held its first meeting under the constitution of the newly formed Grand Lodge of Tasmania.Today,over 120 years later the Poulett Masonic Lodge in Wynyard is still going strong and has a group of active and enthusiastic members.

However we are always seeking new members and if you are interested, just ask!
Hence, our slogan: "To Be One, Ask One!" Read more about our membership Here.

Your Religion is not an issue. Freemasonry requires a belief in a Supreme Being, but we are not a religion.
People of all religious persuasions are welcome. Any discussion of a political or religious nature is not permitted within the lodge.
Freemasonry means different things to different people, but it is undeniably a fraternity of men of high moral character who enjoy the company of like-minded men as a brotherhood committed to upholding the values of family and a civilized society.

Within a Freemasons Lodge all men are equal regardless of wealth or position and we all dress similarly so no distinction is evident. Poulett Lodge regularly conducts family oriented social gatherings to involve our partners and families.

What do Freemasons do?

Freemasons are fully committed to maintaining and improving our community values.
Freemasons are committed to providing charity to those less fortunate in our society but our most visible activity is in the provision of aged care facilities through our Freemasons
homes & hospitals ----Freemasonry provides more aged care beds in Australia than any other group. We also provide funding & assistance to many medical research organisations including Pediatrics, Gerontology & Oncology research

On a personal aspect we conduct regular meetings to further our formal commitment to the continued understanding of freemasonry craft ritual, to share each other's company and further our pursuit of a better way of life. We regularly visit other Lodges to enhance the foregoing and provision exists to advance to office in the Grand Lodge of Tasmania at a state level.

Freemasonry offers training opportunities to facilitate self-development including public speaking, mentoring, tolerance, communication skills & self confidence

As you 'browse' though our web pages you will read about our activities and we also provide links to other interesting reading concerning Freemasons in general.

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